Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Just a few more pounds

And collarbones will appear! I'm so excited!

The food plan is delicious, and I'm satisfied. My only problem lately is craving chocolate. All I have to do is stop eating chocolate, and the craving will go away.

Cecilia's goal for me for this week was to walk at least 5000 steps a day.
Thursday - 7137
Friday - 5874
Saturday - 7238
Sunday - 5349
Monday - 5479
Tuesday - 5551

I've walked around inside the house going into just about every room several times to add enough steps a couple of times.

Monday morning I weighed 191.6! So exciting. Then I must have celebrated back to 193 ;O(   Dang . . .

I bought this really cute outfit to wear Easter, and if I don't do something quick, I won't be able to wear it. It's waaaaay out of my usual mode of clothing. It's a bright melon blouse with a flowered flowy skirt. Of course, I'll need shoes. My usual comfortable blacks won't go with this at all.

Last night I looked at some catalogs that I received, and they don't have anything I want to wear anymore. They used to have sooo many things I wanted, but now they don't appeal to me.

The dark blue pants that were the first ones I was able to wear are now getting too big. They are way too long now, so I'll have to hem them before I can wear them again. Am I getting shorter?


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