Saturday, October 2, 2010

Speech Contests Are Bad for My Health

I ate my weight in cookies today. Guess what? My sense of taste has come back. Is that good news or bad news? The sad part is I really didn't want cookies (who said that?) I really wanted something salty. And only sweet things were available at the speech contest today. Last week, the tables were full of salty snacks: pita chips, tortilla chips, dips, and some candy.

I don't judge contests for the food; that's just one of the perks. We also had brisket and turkey from Grady's. I always like Grady's food, especially their catfish! Yum!!!

This evening I had another free meal at church. We had a dinner catered by Acadiana again. And again, they served the same chicken on rice with green beans and peach cobbler. It was good, but an odd dish to serve at a harvest dinner. Acadiana has good food, why chicken on rice? I love their chicken and dumplings. YUM!!

large bowl of corn flakes and skim milk
cookies, 1 donut
spearmint jelly candies
brisket and turkey, cole slaw, beans, potato salad
chicken on rice, green beans, peach cobbler

1147 steps (got to move more)
10 squats holding onto kitchen sink. I was surprised about how far I can squat, almost with my butt touching the floor.


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