Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Woo Hoo - 215!

According to my scale at home (not official), I'm at 215!

If I keep this momentum up, I'll be down 2 lbs at Thursday's weigh in.

Now, I have to ask myself . . . Why do I sabotage myself every 5 weeks or so? Is that healthy? Is it normal? Should I plan better?

For instance, next Tuesday there will be a lunch seminar about co-dependency. I plan to attend. They have cookies and tea. I plan to partake. Luckily, my parents instilled a modicum of appropriate behavior in me that keeps me from taking more than 2 cookies at a time. But I may make more than 1 trip. I need to remember that there are plenty cookies for all, and there will be some at another occasion, so I don't have to eat that many. As a matter of fact, I get jittery when I eat more than 2 cookies. Maybe this time I'll just take one at a time . . . hmmm. Novel idea.

I just got a reminder about a meeting this afternoon that will have milk and cookies. Now's my chance ;O)

I noticed this evening that my pedometer has a screen that has kcal on it. I guess that's the number of calories I'm burning? Today it is 138. But I don't think that makes up for the pizza or the cookies. Not even one of each.

sausage link (4)
chicken sandwich (lunchmeat with 2 slices whole wheat bread & dijon mustard) (4)
Cheese-Broccoli rice (5) (Mahatma)
4 cookies, 1 1/2 pint low-fat milk
4 slices small pizza

8435 steps


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