Thursday, August 26, 2010

On Track . . .

My weigh in today was good! I lost .8, so I'm at 216.4 and back in the right direction. I've lost 26 lbs!

I got so inspired that I updated my chart with my 5%, 10%, 15%, . . . goals. These will be the goals I reach for rewards. So, my next reward comes at 206.4! It'll have to be something good!

Looking at the chart, I think last week's gain was the smallest I've had. So, I MUST be learning something!

sausage link (4)
chicken sandwich, (lunchmeat with 2 slices whole wheat bread) (4)
turkey with mustard (2)
Nature Valley Nuts 'n' Honey bar (4)
Chili w/beans and fritos with spanish rice

Walked to weigh in (so far I've walked 2965 steps)
Walked 1-1/2 miles
7059 steps


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