Monday, August 30, 2010

Not a Typical Monday

I weigh 215 (not official)!

Life will not be typical again for a while. We are one short, and we've been busy -- even without having to divvy up the work among us.

I can't wait until payday -- I'll be able to fill the pantry and fridge again. I'm sort of getting tired of beans. I bought lots of tomato products payday before last and lots of beans this past payday. I've run out of pasta, except for spaghetti. So we'll probably have spaghetti tomorrow evening. I had a hankering for Church's Fried Chicken this evening, but their debit card computer was down, so we ended up at Bill Millers. Our fried chicken ended up being mainly white meat, which I hate. But I managed to get 3 pieces down and a few fries.

OK, enough junk food! Tomorrow I'm going to a brown bag seminar, so I'll grab a sandwich on the way. I LOVE the cafeteria's chicken salad! Maybe I'll just get a couple scoops of chicken salad instead of a sandwich. Hmmm. I could pair it with a small salad.

Grits with margarine (2 servings) (6)
Ranch Style Beans (8)
3 pieces Fried Chicken with 1 serv french fries (is there really a serving of French Fries?) (way too many points)

Exercuse: (actually I mean exercise, but exercuse is more like it)
2409 steps (I feel like such a slug)


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