Monday, August 16, 2010

Journey to 135, It's getting easier!

I never thought I'd say this - I look forward to walking after work every day.

Today, I couldn't wait to hit the track. I did the 2 miles in 45 minutes (2 minutes faster than before); there were 3 others on the track, one walking and the other two were jogging. When I walk alone, I take my phone - just in case. I'm loaded with accoutrements, my pedometer, my cell phone, my MP4 player, and my little towel. The main problem I have is perspiration dripping in my eyes. Other than that, I'm good to go. An awesome thing that I've noticed is I don't have to start wiping my eyes nearly as early as I used to. And the track seems to be getting smaller each time. And when my walking partner is there, I talk almost the whole time, and time just flies. I let her get a word in edgewise occasionally ;O).

This is all so cool.

I have so much more energy. I walk at a faster pace than I have in many years. Today I took linguini with Alfredo sauce for lunch. And I finished it off for dinner, mainly because I didn't want to stand at the stove to cook anything elaborate. I'm thinking about making beans and rice for lunch tomorrow. I have so much energy in the morning that I've been cleaning the kitchen, making lunches that involve cooking. Plus I read a little, watch Scrapbook Memories on BYU-TV, and sometimes I come in here and start my blog.

Next week school starts, so I'll be leaving really early to beat the school craziness and blog and read at the office. I told my boss I'd probably get there in my jammies and get dressed at the office. Hmmm, I could walk . . .

1 egg sandwich with 2 slices whole wheat bread & mustard (not my favorite) (4)
linguini with Alfredo (5)
WW Multigrain Crisps (2)
linguini with Alfredo (10)

2 mile walk after work
8785 steps, 4733 aerobic steps, 2.75 miles
I get the feeling the way I walk isn't 2 miles. But I haven't synched my pedometer with my stride yet.


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