Sunday, August 8, 2010

Journey to 135, Babysitting and Birthday Party

Today is my grandnephew's 8th birthday. He's 8 on 8-8-10. I'm taking my grandson to his birthday party in a city park from 11-2. That has to mean picnic fare, most likely hot dogs (yum) and birthday cake! Ooooh, I can't wait.

My grandson woke up 3 times last night, calling my name. The first 2 times, I put him back to sleep and climbed back into my bed. The 3rd, I fell asleep on the extra bed in his room with my head on my arm. I woke up 45 minutes later with my arm, shoulder, and right side numb or hurting. Yesterday, he fell and bumped his head against the coffee table, which caused a bruise and bump on his forehead. If I don't watch it, I'll be banned. Last time I had him, I closed his fingers in the car door. Luckily, the door didn't close completely -- probably because his little fingers were there. And by the time we got to the other side of the car, he stopped crying. He did remind me later that I smashed his fingers in the door. He's so cute, and so smart, and so vulnerable. To wear him out last night, we went for a walk. The last time we did this, he pushed the tricycle, this time, he pedaled and I sort of pushed. It's an ingenious contraption with a handle conveniently located for an adult to push, redirect, or stop the tricycle.

I thank God every day that I had my knees replaced. In October, it'll be 2 years for my left knee and in May it was 1 year for my right. Before the surgeries, it was too painful to do much of anything. I injured my left knee in 1995 bowling, and that was my good knee. Arthritis took over, and they gradually grew worse until I could barely do anything. The cruise I went on in 2008 was hard for me. Just the walk from the room to the elevator and then to the rest of the ship was excruciating. Then 9 months later, I had the left knee replaced. The change was so remarkable that as soon as I could I had the other done.

Then I had to retrain my brain that the pain was gone. It was amazing how long it took me to remember that getting up to do something wouldn't be painful. And I had to rebuild and strengthen muscles. Then Weight Watchers set up a 5K (3.1 miles) walk and training schedule. A friend and I decided to do it. Now we walk 2 miles at least 3 days a week. Last week, I walked 4 times, not necessarily the whole 2 miles each time. But I got out there. There's a 2-mile track that is a loop with no way to cut it short without turning around and backtracking. That's my favorite place to walk, and that's where I go when I'm alone, because no matter how determined I am when I start, the little voice in my head tells me that I should cut my walk short because... you name it. It always comes up with something good.

Anyway, that's past history. Now I need to redefine and reshape my body. I took a look at it this morning on one of the rare occasions I saw myself naked, and noticed I'm beginning to develop pockets of skin and soft fat that needs to be worked. I have the equipment at home to do it. I know I can't convert fat to muscle, so I have to build muscle to help reduce the fat cells and do something to regain elasticity in my skin.

If you know of any way to do that, please comment to this blog and point me to the information. You don't have to be a member anymore. I want people to comment, so I made it easier.

Gosh, this blog is long, and I haven't started the day yet ;O).

1 slice small cold pizza
handful of Cheerios
1/2 handful of M&M's
2 hotdogs with dill relish & mustard
3 large Fritos
6 tortilla chips
2 tbsp potato salad
2 tbsp dip with corn, sour cream, spices
4 chalupa shell nachos with cheddar cheese

Walked with Roc to the playground at the park.
Kept up with Roc (for the most part)


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