Friday, August 27, 2010

It's Friday -- Do You Plan to Exercise?

Well, this is the first weekend in ages that I don't have much to do. I feel like I should get out and be physical. But, it's an Air Quality Alert day in Sunny SA, so I'll probably lay low. Maybe I'll go to the mall. I keep threatening to go to the mall and walk. We still have a couple of those relics around that let the shoppers be inside instead of walking in a straight line from one shop to another.

Today was a great day at Toastmasters! We had 14 around the conference table. It was nice to see the table full for a change! And we had a good meeting. I evaluated a speaker, and I felt good at the lecturn. That's good because I'm giving a 15-20 minute speech Sept. 15, and I'm a wreck. I think I'll work on that speech this weekend.

I feel guilty because I drove to deliver Avon today instead of walking, but I was in a time crunch. And I'm not walking tonight, so I HAVE to get some in this week. I walked 3 days this week, which is good, but not good enough.

sausage link (4)
Salad with kidney and garbanzo beans (4)
chicken sandwich (4)
b-b-q chicken (thigh & leg)
large salad with cheese and bacon bits

3041 steps


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