Saturday, August 21, 2010

How Did I Get Back on the Scenic Route?

Somehow or other, I ended up on the scenic route again. I got on the scale this morning, and I weigh 220 AGAIN! Dang! I guess it's a good thing that I didn't go to lunch yesterday. I'd probably be over even that! It wasn't just Thursday and yesterday. Now that I think about it, it started with that pizza Tuesday and Wednesday, fajitas Wednesday night, and everything. I haven't eaten a "Weight Watcher approved" lunch or dinner since Tuesday.

After my hair cut appointment this morning, I'm going to buy low-fat, high-fiber, nutritious, low-point food with flavor. Hmmmm. Is that possible? I'll wear comfortable shoes and spend time reading labels. (later note - I haven't done this yet.)

I hear there's another Weight Watchers plan rolling out soon. Unless this new plan includes tying my hands behind my back or selecting and cooking food for me, I don't know how this will work.

Wow! Where did that negative thought come from? I must change my thinking. I can do this . . . It's a matter of taking care of myself, wanting good things for myself, remembering my "Why." My why is to get off meds -- oh, and to look gorgeous. I'm tired of rattling to bed every night and swallowing a handfull of pills morning and night. I'm also tired of spending $90/month on meds.

Choices! It's hard to make the right choice. Or, I should say I make it hard. After 8 months, you'd think I'd have learned some things by now.

I have this lack mentality. Well, not really lack, more like "when will I get this chance again?" Truly, I'll get the chance. Even if the restaurant closes because I don't eat there (would that be so tragic?). Another will open in its place. There is no shortage of places to eat -- some better and healthier than others.

I made a decision to go to Texas Road House because it was close by. And I chose foods that I thought were better for me. Unfortunately, I should have cut it in half and bagged half before I started. Well, next time I will.

If I had bagged half, I would have been just as happy. I ate the whole thing because (and this bad -- don't let your kids see this) once I realized I was full, instead of quitting, I felt like it wasn't enough to save and a shame to waste, so I finished it! Now isn't that the dumbest thing you've ever heard? I'm not making this up. This is exactly what that little voice was telling me. I've got to be more mindful about listening to the "easy, for the moment" thoughts and compare them to the "right" choice.

Oh, it's so easy to armchair quarterback my poor choices of last week.

I need to remember that I'm not making this trip alone. I pay good money to Weight Watchers for their support and guidance, and I have friends in the group I could talk to about choices. Especially if I know I'm going somewhere questionable ahead of time. I could email them and ask if anyone has any suggestions about where to go or what to get once I'm there.

Anyway, I'm glad to have had this opportunity to think and reflect about my poor choices of the past 4 days. I walked 2 of those 4, but it wasn't enough! I have to remember that I have to work off more than I eat! OK, enough beating myself up, it's time to repack and get back on the highway!

I ran errands this morning, fully expecting to walk to a friend's house later. I wasn't sure exactly where she lives, and it's HOT outside, so I had my son take me there instead. I went there to help her pack up to have her furniture moved today so her floors could be redone, but by the time I got there, she was finished!

1 sausage link, 2 slices whole wheat bread, 1 tbsp lite margarine, 1 tbsp sugar-free preserves
1 sausage link
2 flower tortillas (4), chicken fajitas

2086 steps


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