Monday, August 30, 2010

Another Missed Church Opportunity

My cat Sox tried to wake me up, but I refused. He tried everything -- meowing; playing with a plastic bag, which drove me nuts; getting in my face; then finally, he started kneading his front paws on my stomach. He was pretty insistent. I finally got up about 7:30. I hardly ever have the opportunity to sleep late, and when I do, it's usually at the expense of my spiritual replenishment. I'll have to start sleeping later on Saturdays instead.

We had a pretty busy afternoon beginning with a work appointment for my son, then we grabbed a chopped bbq sandwich from Bill Millers and an Avon delivery to a friend, followed by a visit to Wal-Mart 20 miles away because the internet said they had the phone I was looking for. Not only did they not have the phone. They didn't even have a slot for it in the display. The Website was wrong. We weren't too happy about that. So we ended up at the AT&T store to lower our phone service. I just can't afford $161.32 every month for phone service. Unfortunately, I'm the one suffering. I now have a phone that doesn't have a qwerty keyboard, and my son has my Matrix phone which was too complicated for me to work. As long as you have a smart phone, you have to pay for data, which is 15-30 a month. I don't want to pay that anymore. We both have computers with internet, and I don't see why I should pay for internet AGAIN. It's not over, we may switch to Sprint or another service provider. AT&T just doesn't want to work with us. I've been a customer of theirs since January 1996, and I must not be that important to them.

We ended the day with burgers and fries. A hamburger! I haven't had a hamburger since December 2009 or even before that! It was gooooood! I even ate the fries. So, I'm good for a while now.

I spent most of the day at my computer working and researching. Then about 7:00, I finally knuckled down and began in earnest to whittle down the speech I'll give Sept. 15. I have lots of good info, but it's more than 15 minutes. I can't imagine talking for more than that without boring everyone to death. My speech should be 15-20 minutes. I'm going to opt for 15 minutes.

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