Thursday, February 27, 2014

Starting again

It's been a while since I've written in this blog. Ever since my Chromebook was stolen, I haven't found a comfortable place to do the typing. My desktop computer is slow and uncomfortable. The Kindle I got is great for lots of things, but not typing, so I bought a keyboard. It's comfortable enough, but where to sit to do the typing is problematic. My dining table is too high, My lap doesn't work because the Kindle lays down while I type. Who would have thought that a little thing like losing a tablet would make such a profound difference in my activities? I'm sitting at a little desk in my library, and it seems to be very close to the solution. The desk is still a bit high; I'll look at maybe getting a desk chair instead of using an antique dining table chair.


A month ago, I weighed in and showed a slight loss. Two weeks in a row! Then I told Cecilia that I wanted to take a break. She agreed that I could take a month, and if I stayed in the 180s, I could continue with the break. But if I was in the 190s, I was right back. I agreed because if I couldn't handle being under her watchful eye, something was wrong.

I spent the next 2 weeks working on my eating routines and food plans, and I managed to lose 3 pounds! I was so proud of myself.

Changing my weekly routine made a huge difference. For 18 months, weigh-in day triggered an eating fest. I knew things had to change or I would be chained to Perfect Solutions forever. Whereas, Cecilia thought I would go into permanent eating fest, I knew that the routine had to be considered in making a difference.

Another change I made was the sort of salads I was eating. For 18 months, I ate lettuce salads, then I changed to baby kale and baby spinach and darker, heartier greens, and I found that I don't get hungry as quickly as I did on the iceberg lettuce salads.

At first, with my newfound freedom, I would pass some of my favorite "cheat" places and the first thought was "It's Thursday, I can stop and get something." Then I would remember that wasn't the case anymore and I had to watch what I ate every day, not just Monday-Thursday at noon.

That's how I lost the 3 pounds. Things were going well. Then I went to visit a friend in Phoenix, and I gained 2 pounds there. I returned home and worked overtime for the following week, and before I knew it, I had cookies, dark chocolate, and salted nuts in my desk drawer. I ate nonstop during the extra hours. Luckily, the food wasn't in an unlimited supply. Once it was gone, the guilt set in, and I stopped.

I've craved chocolate every day, and all the way home I think "I'll stop at CVS and get a Dove bar." Then for some reason I'd talk myself out of it. Then I decide to stop at Walgreen's, but, as luck would have it, I'd be in the wrong lane. There are 2 more chances - another CVS and HEB, but before I'd reach them, I'd talk myself out of stopping.

I weigh in today, and my weight is below 190 - Yea - but not by much.