Monday, September 16, 2013

Too busy to eat!

My house has kept me busy from right after work until 8:30 or 9:00 every week night. Sometimes I stop somewhere to eat, sometimes I wait until everyone leaves to have a salad. Traipsing out to the back porch to get my food and hauling it to the kitchen got old quickly. I finally put it all in a bag and took it all to work. At least I had something to eat there. Although I haven't been strict with my eating plan, I've lost another pound (according to my scale). In addition to having more than 5 outfits to wear and not packing the right moisturizer, I missed having my scale around to step on every morning.

Less than 50 pounds stand between me and my goal of 135! I just realized that a few minutes ago. In he 9 months I've gone to Perfect Solutions, I have learned about many healthy alternatives for food (like the fewer the legs the better for protein - nuts, grains, fish, chicken/turkey, pork, beef), vitamins and minerals, and storage containers. I've learned about cravings and what they mean. They have given me many tools to use on this journey. I'll be forever grateful to my "not my truth" friend for suggesting Perfect Solutions to me. I'll also be grateful for PS and their loving kindness and care through the rough times.

The boxes from the pantry are back in the kitchen. I should unpack them and get my kitchen in order. The only thing is there's some touch up painting to be done, so I hesitate. I don't want to get in the way of progress. 

My new fridge is huge, the stove is awesome - both are still wrapped in plastic until the painting is complete. The microhood and dishwasher are still in boxes. The microhood will be installed Monday night, so I'll be able to retire the huge microwave we bought 31 years ago when my daughter was born. It has been a faithful friend for all these years. The light burned out about 25 years ago, and I guess I could have figured out how to replace it, but I never bothered. As long as it warmed things up, I was happy.


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