Friday, September 16, 2011

Introduction - A Grandparent's Legacy

My daughter gave me the book "A Grandparent's Legacy," a gift book from Hallmark so I could record my life for them and my grandchildren. I found that sitting with a beautifully designed and bound book with pen in hand to fill in the blanks causes an extreme case of writer's block and memory loss. So I decided to use the book as a guide and write the answers here in my blog.

I'll follow where the book leads. I don't consider this copyright infringement because the book was purchased, and I'm just recording the information in a different format than originally planned. I like the idea of doing the writing on a computer so I can correct my mistakes. One of the first things I did when writing in the book was misspell my maiden name. Can you imagine? Then on the same page, I made a mistake when writing my dad's birthdate. I've known that date almost 59 years. Why would I suddenly get it wrong?


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