Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Social Media -- taking another look

I signed up with Twitter many years ago, but I haven't tweeted in almost as long. I go to Facebook only to confirm new friends and ask people to be my friend. That was until this afternoon.

Constant Contact sponsored a seminar about social media called "Get Down to Business: Cracking the code on social media for small business."

The speakers were great. They got me excited about Tweeting, keeping my Facebook and LinkedIn up to date, and following people. I decided to go for it. I searched Toastmasters and some of my friends. This should be fun.

Julie Niehoff suggested we look at to help us keep track of our social media. It's free, and it should help save time and keep us in touch with our contacts. I've already signed up and I'm ready to see what I can do with all the Social Media.

I have 2 businesses -- Independent Avon Rep and a publisher -- which I will promote through Social Media. I work at Southwest Research Institute, but I probably won't say much about them. I may retweet, but I'll keep my personal and business lives separate if possible.