Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Good News Is . . .

I've weighed 215 consistently for about 2 weeks now. That's the good news! And even better news is I've been better about eating my fruits and veggies, and it has made a huge difference in how I feel and maintaining 215.

And I have even BETTER news -- my sense of taste is coming back! Now, when I bite into fruit, I get the initial taste of the fruit, then the bad taste takes over. But it's not as bad as before. I only took the Lamisil for 3 months. It took a couple of months for this side effect to occur. I'm hoping in a month it'll be gone. In the meantime, I've actually cut down on the sweets.

I've been getting to work about 7:00-7:15 since school started. When I got to work yesterday about 6:50, we entered the campus by the fitness center for a change. The ball field and track were lit up and the weather was so cool, it was tempting to hit the track. We haven't been walking after work for several reasons -- life getting in the way for one. I decided I'm going to start walking in the morning. It's cool enough that I may not need to shower. But if I don't work up a sweat, am I working hard enough?

Monday will be a "check it out and see." I'll get there at 6:30 dressed to walk with my work clothes and lots of cologne. I'm curious about who does what in the morning. I saw a couple of ladies on the track -- do they shower before work? Will I have to share the showers with them? I never took gym in school where I had to take community showers, and I'm so uncomfortable with that aspect of working out.

When we were grocery shopping, I always reminded my son to get the low-fat, low-calorie, sugar-free version of whatever we were choosing. He asked if I was always "on." To which I replied that I have to be. I "cheat" occasionally, but I go right back to the plan (sort of). Otherwise, I wouldn't fit through the door.

On that note: Next week is my class reunion, so from Wednesday thru Saturday, I'll be in a group setting, and food choices will be very slim. I'll do like I did on a cruise in 2008. I'll make the best choices I can with the intention of losing weight during the festivities. Wish me luck!

Life is a journey...

grilled cheese sandwich (4)
salad from the salad bar with 1 tbsp Italian dressing
double meat burger and fries
veggie chips

4175 steps (went grocery shopping)


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