Saturday, September 18, 2010

Snickernut Cookie is Still My Favorite

I started drinking coffee about 8 years ago after Starbucks changed the world. First I drank their hot chocolate, then Frappuccinos and cappuccinos, and lattés. For a "cheap" substitute, I started mixing hot chocolate in coffee at places like church or meetings that furnished both.

At a class reunion party in 2005, the host offered HEB Texas Pecan coffee to the group at the end of the evening. I liked it and drank 2 or 3 cups that evening. Practically the next day, I bought a bag and a coffee maker to make it. A friend at work suggested I try Snickernut Cookie, another HEB Café Olé flavor. I liked it, and I've been drinking it ever since.

While shopping Wednesday, I decided to try different Café Olé flavors, and last nght I brewed Mocha Java, which was good. And this morning, I tried the Morning Blend. It's good also. I'd drink them in a pinch. But nothing beats Snickernut Cookie. It even smells good.

When people come into my office, they almost always comment about how good it smells. Café Olé flavors don't taste like mixes. They taste like flavored coffee beans. There are other Snickernutty flavored coffees, but they don't compare to Café Olé. I drink it all day long, starting with 3 cups while I dress in the morning, one or 2 after I get to work, and a couple in the afternoon. I really enjoy getting home in time to have a cup in the evening before 7:00. It's so good that nothing has to be added to it. I feel like people add cream and sugar to coffee because it tastes so awful without it. So they're adding all those extra calories or chemicals (as the case may be).

Truth be told, I'm probably having chemicals with every cup. Whoever heard of a snuckernut cookie bean?

I got home last evening after the storm and hit the kitchen snacking on anything I could get my hands on -- cookies, Ritz crackers, carrots. By the time dinner was ready, I wasn't all that hungry. I fried some plain skinless chicken thighs and put a shoulder roast and carrots in the crock pot for today.

Corn Flakes and skim milk
chicken taco salad (no shell) with salsa as dressing
Ritz crackers, 2 cookies, 6 baby carrots
2 chicken thighs

2937 steps

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