Thursday, September 16, 2010

Now I Can Move Forward

Yesterday was a busy day! I started out by giving a speech about Effective Communication to a leadership workshop that studies John C. Maxwell's book "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership."

A friend and I did this a few years ago as a tag team presentation about Toastmasters for an audience of about 25 people. Then I got a call to do a talk in January about Effective Communication for a leadership workshop for Security Service FCU. The audience there was about 60 people. We decided to do it as a mini Toastmasters meeting with a speech, evaluation, and table topics.

I could only get one of my Toastmasters club members to do it with me, so I reached out to our Area Governor, and he readily agreed to do it. Then the workshop organizers moved the date to a week later, and he wasn't able to be there on the new date. He reached out to other area governors, and I met an awesome guy who did a funny evaluation of my speech.

When I got a call in May from someone in the audience in January to do this presentation, I immediately called him to assist. We did the same basic thing we did in January. I spoke, he evaluated, and the group conducted their own table topics. We timed, rang the "ah" bell, and evaluated the table topics. It was fun! I stressed out for the last 2 weeks because I didn't have time to prepare.

Luckily, I thought to ask if I could speak at our last Toastmasters meeting, where I gave my talk. Our club members gave me some great feedback, and with that, I reworked my presentation and practiced it several times over the weekend.

Yesterday, I was calm and ready to do it.

My son and I went to Cheesey Jane's for lunch. I had their bean burger, which was delicious, but their tater tots were NOT. Even though they had an odd flavor, probably from old grease, I ate every one.

I went to the grocery store, took a 20-minute nap then headed to church to help prepare for a memorial service reception in the hall.

After the memorial service, I met a friend so we could ride together to the last class reunion meeting. What a day!

Food (Wednesday):
1 slice pepperoni pizza
Bean burger with avocado and tater tots at Cheesey Jane's
beef taco salad at Felix's Restaurant in Universal City
chips and salsa
1 Miller Lite

4658 steps

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