Monday, September 13, 2010

Mutant Mosquitoes

In an effort to recover the ground we lost because of the proposal and rain, we decided to walk the 2-mile track today. That way, we couldn't talk ourselves into shortening it.

About half way around, something landed on my arm and stung me. I slapped it off. Noticing it was big, I assumed it was a horse fly because horse flies sometimes bite like mosquitoes. Then my walking partner had one on her. It was a mosquito! And it was HUGE! When she killed it, it left a big blood streak on her leg. Before we knew it, we were covered with them!

I had a stretchy band with me that I started slapping myself with - slapping my legs, back, front, and she had a paper towel that she was slapping herself with. We had to decide, continue on or turn around and go back. At one point, once we decided to turn back, she asked if I was up to running. I don't know if I even know how to run, it's been so long. To tell you the truth, if the roles had been reversed, I might have said "see ya" and run for all I was worth. But she was kind enough to stick with me, and we power walked, slapping ourselves.

We must have been a sight! Walking and slapping, dancing and jiving. I wish we had a video! It was probably the most aerobic walk I've ever been on. I kept expecting someone of the maintenance persuasion to drive by so we could talk about mowing the grass or spraying or something. Someone usually drives by. But not tonight!

The Fitness Center guy said he'd heard about the mutant mosquitoes. I think an email should be sent to the staff to warn them to not go out unprotected.

Bowl of grits, 1 serv with 1 tbsp margarine (4)
Chicken salad sandwich, pretzels, pickle spear
Church's fried chicken, 2 thighs & 1 leg

7228 steps, including 4630 aerobic (almost 2 miles)


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