Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandpa

I met my family in Cibolo for dinner tonight to celebrate my Dad's 79th birthday. He says he doesn't know how a 79 year old is supposed to feel. He's still farming, and fetching and toting heavy things. I love him so much. He's my hero! My sister, brother-in-law, and three of their grandkids were there. They range in age from 8 to 6 to 2 months. I had the grandkids take photos of us. I think they like me even though I didn't bring my grandson with me.

Today was weigh in day, and I completely forgot when I dressed this morning. I didn't wear my usual weigh in clothes, so I took off my shoes. They weighed 1 lb! I can't remember how much I weighed last week, so I'll have to take a peek at the chart. Today I weighed 215.8. I think I maintained. Not sure.

I was in class all day again today. Then when we broke out for lunch, I had to run to weigh in, get Daddy's card and gift at Walgreen's, get cash at the Credit Union, get gift bag and tissue at Dollar Tree (everyone there was buying glasses, which had to be wrapped, so checking out took FOREVER!), get gas so I could make it to Cibolo, and run back to my office to grab my sandwich so I could eat it during class. Apparently 1-1/2 hours isn't long enough for lunch some days ;O)

Grilled Cheese sandwich (4)
chicken sandwich (4)
small sweet roll and medium one
2 beef enchiladas, rice, beans, lettuce with guacamole (looked like guacamole dip, not the usual hearty guacamole)
1 small scone

3564 steps


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