Saturday, September 18, 2010

Garage Sale Day

My daughter had a garage sale today. She mentioned it and I couldn't resist stopping by. I spent most of the time with my grandson, which I enjoy a lot. We watched Finding Nemo, and pretended we hadn't seen it before.

My daughter was sort of embarrassed because some of what she had for sale was either stuff she acquired from me while living with me or things I gave her. I did take 3 things, 2 of which I gave her. One was a crystal chess set that I thought was so pretty, and the other was a Force (from Star Wars) tee-shirt we had as volleyball uniforms before I got pregnant the first time. It's amazing how small the tee-shirt is. I'm going to use it as a nightshirt for my grandson when I'm over at their house or he spends the night with me.

Unfortunately, it rained today, so her traffic was sporadic. Then after she gave up and loaded all the left over stuff back into the garage, a couple of guys with a little boy stopped by and bought all the leftovers for $50. They had a pickup and trailer. While they were loading up, the sky opened up and drenched them, upholstered furniture and all. They waited until it stopped and finished loading. My son said he thinks the same guys came to the garage sale next door a few weeks ago and loaded up all their leftovers for $50.

It beats having to wait 2 weeks for someone to pick it up or haul it to Goodwill or Salvation Army.

The only exercise I got today was from picking up toys, carrying some stuff back into the garage, and looking for an illusive pair of pull-ups.

I only snuck 2 small handfuls of M&Ms and a small handful of raisins. Both tasted nasty. I don't even enjoy Diet Coke anymore.

My son looked up the side effects of Lamisil, and loss of taste was one of the first listed. Sometimes it's permanent. I guess this is a mixed blessing.

Large bowl of corn flakes and skim milk
M&Ms raisins
1 string cheese stick
5 pepperoni slices
1/2 very small pizza
1 double meat Whataburger with fries
2 ginger snaps
12 Ritz crackers

Picked up toys
2762 steps


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