Thursday, September 2, 2010

1 Step Back

I was so happy Tuesday that I weighed 215 on my scale, then this morning, I got on the scale and it wasn't good. When I weighed in today, the scale showed a gain of .8.

Now that I think about what I've eaten, I'm surprised that was ALL I gained. I've slacked off about walking, and I've eaten more JUNK food in the last week than I have in months!!! And even though I've eaten more than my share of points, it hasn't deterred me any.

So, what's going on? I'm stressed. It's as simple as that. I have to survive until Sept. 15, then I can relax a bit. My 40th Class Reunion is the weekend of Oct. 8, and around that time I have a proposal or 2 to survive; then after that, I can't think of a thing going on. Oh wait, there's the holidays. But, I'll think about that tomorrow.

I didn't blog yesterday. I can't believe I skipped a day. I told myself I wouldn't. Life is sooo busy these days.

My son and I went grocery shopping yesterday. We spent the most time in front of the crackers and cookies trying to find SOMETHING to snack on! I couldn't believe how many points everything was. 1 cookie - 2 points. 2 crackers-2 points. Dang -- I didn't even think about popcorn until just now. ;O(

Grilled cheese sandwich (4)
rotisserie chicken (leg & thigh)
Baby Carrots
1 pkg 100-calorie chocolate chip cookies (they're sooo small!)

8904 steps so far (and it's only 6:42). Hopefully, I'll hit 9,000!
Walked 2 miles AND walked to the WW meeting.


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