Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back on the Track

It felt good to be back on the 2-mile track today. I'm so excited. I still showed 215 this morning, and 217 this evening!

This morning, I had to have some blood drawn for a medication I'm taking. Even though I'm a turnip (can't get blood out of . . .), that wasn't very traumatic--I had a capable nurse taking care of me. What was traumatic was seeing my flabby arm as it lay on the table while the blood was drawn. Not only are my upper arms flabby, my forearms are a very close second, and I've only lost 26 lbs!!! It's obvious I have to do something besides walk. DANG! Otherwise, what will I do after I've lost the other 81 lbs I plan to lose? Oooh, I could buy leotards with varying sleeve lengths and wear them under my clothes. Ooh, then I could wear tank tops and spaghetti straps!

I digress. While I was waiting for the "expert" to draw my blood, I used the little squeezy thing to do some arm exercises.

A pair of ankle weights have been on my desk for months, practically in my way all the time; I could use them. Maybe God is trying to tell me something! :O) I've been carrying a stretchy band in my bag for months. Today I took it out and did some arm exercises while we walked. But only for a few minutes. Not only does the band work my arms, the exercise helps raise my heart rate. I'll try to do it again when we walk Thursday & Friday.

grilled cheese sandwich (4)
5 cookies (30)
3 pieces of fried chicken
5 pieces of bread with margarine

8556 steps (2.7 miles according to my pedometer)
I drove to meetings today. I just don't have the time to walk this week. But I will walk to Weight Watchers Thursday!


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