Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It was 1:00 and I was starving

Over the past month, I've tried to eat what I wanted and still lose weight. I kept telling myself that I'd just follow the plan that I lost 3 pounds on once before, and if I did that at least once a week, I'd be back. Well, the plan isn't easy to follow, and I failed all 3 attempts.

So, it dawned on me . . . there's no easy way out! I have to follow THE plan and stop trying to cheat. You know the old saying - Cheaters never win! Well, it's soooo true. All through 2013, I was trying to follow my own plan, and the results speak for themselves - 15 pounds down until Christmas, when I gained 7, so I actually only lost 8 pounds :-(

In an earlier blog, I mention that I'm tired of being halfway there. The solution really isn't going to less than halfway!!!

Today, I started with my usual breakfast of Slim Styles vanilla, which really keeps me feeling full until about 10:30, a large salad with fat-free mozarella cheese and balsamic vinegar for lunch and 2 oranges for snacks. Shortly after lunch, I was very hungry, and it was only 1:00! How was I going to get through the afternoon? At about 1:30, I broke down and bought a package of peanuts, which kept me satisfied until my 3:00 orange snack. After work, I ran by the bank and high-tailed it home so I could eat. I had 2 salads with fat-free cheese for dinner (so far), and a cup of coffee with hot chocolate added.

If I feel lilke I have to eat something else, I'll have a glass of almond milk or/and carrot slices. One bad habit I developed over the past 1-1/2 months is eating all the time. For such a long time, I only ate 5 times a day. Now I want to eat all the time, especially at night. I told myself the past 2 nights that I wouldn't eat past 8:30. This evening, it's 9:45, and I just ate a slice of Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel bread after eating half a bag of carrot slices and 2 pieces of really dark chocolate.

The good thing is I decided to get busy, so I took in the wreath and poinsettia garland from the front porch, I boxed the table decorations and all but the actual ornaments off the tree. I just have to get into the garage and find the ornament boxes so I can finish undoing the tree. I'll finish tomorrow night.

I've been so blessed with you, my friends, who read my blogs and then talk to me about them. You say I'm inspiring because of my honesty and in some cases, I'm saying what you're thinking. This is why I continue to blog. I do feel weird, though, letting you know when I post something because I don't want to be pushy. (I guess this is why my Avon business never really got off the ground.)

For my personal development blog, I figured out how to send an email to let friends know when I posted something. Still, I feel I'm intruding. I've been trying to figure out how to follow my blog so when I post something, it'll automatically let me know, so I can suggest you do the same. Maybe it's because I'm doing this on my Kindle, but when I try to subscribe to it, I get a page of code - disappointing.

I'll have to try again on my PC.


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