Thursday, September 23, 2010

Way Off Track

I've fallen off the wagon. I'm off track. Way off track!

We haven't walked in a week or so, ever since that mutant mosquito episode. I've been glued to my computer at work and at home, so I haven't done any exercise.

I didn't go to WW today because I just didn't feel like it.

BUT, I am eating more fruits and vegetables. I am drinking more water. I am pretty good about what I eat, except some cookies this evening. I just need to watch my portions and get back on the track.

Tomorrow night a couple of friends and I are going to a Toastmasters meeting that's featuring stand-up comedy. We're also going to celebrate a birthday or 2 or 3. We used to talk almost every day and see each other all the time, but we hardly get together at all anymore, and we're all 3 so busy we don't get to even talk on the phone.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow evening. It should be a blast! I'm hoping I'll burn lots of calories laughing. Too bad my pedometer doesn't count belly laughs ;O)

Then we're going to eat French cuisine. I guess I'll have to follow my own advice and check out the menu beforehand so I don't order something stupid.

1 sausage & egg taco, 1 apple turnover
1 apple cakey thing that was full of calories and fat :O(
1 pkg 2 pt wheat crisps
1 steak, spinach & saffron rice
6 cookies

3455 steps


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