Friday, March 5, 2010

Begin at the beginning

A Blog to share my soul? To share my thoughts? To share my life? We'll see. I've wanted to blog for some time, but I never felt I had anything to share. If I don't get started, I'll never get anywhere, and I'll never know if what I have is worth sharing.

2010 has been the beginning of changes for me. I started Weight Watchers right before Christmas so I'd have something to help keep me in check during the holidays. It worked well! Because of Weight Watchers, I didn't stuff myself at every opportunity that presented itself. And that felt good.

Then a friend said she was going to start a Weight Loss Group (6 weeks) for cognitive behavioral therapy. I was so excited. I was finally going to address that damn loud voice in my head that keeps telling me I can eat this and start again tomorrow.

Then something else started -- a Wellness @ Work workshop for 6 weeks that addressed all sorts of health topics such as understanding the nutrition information on food packages, how to understand the ingredients list, diabetes, etc. And Weight Watchers @ Work was starting at my company.

OK, so the weight issue was covered. Then our church began another session of Financial Peace University. I'd gone through it completely in 2008. Started it again in 2009, but when I got to the part about setting up a budget, I couldn't justify the extra gas to the meetings, so I dropped out. I started it AGAIN this past January, and the same thing happened. I got to the budget part and my budget is so TIGHT that I couldn't squeeze out the extra cash for the gas to the meetings.

That's OK because I was a slave to meetings and reconfiguring myself. Before I knew it, I was sitting in front of the TV watching NCIS on DVR and not doing any of it anymore. And that's not good.

One thing that did happen in the past 7 weeks was I realized a huge pattern in my life:
I get excited about a new program. I get started on the program. I work the program for a few weeks. Then I get busy because I'm an entrepreneur as well as having a full-time job. Then I get distracted. And before I know it, I get back into my old patterns. That's what happens with Weight Watchers, Financial Peace University, Avon (Oh, did I mention I'm an Avon rep as well?), everything I start.

So, they say that recognizing the pattern is the first step. So, it's duly recognized. Now what do I do?

OK, I got excited, started, and busy. This past week, I've been on vacation to visit with a friend who came to town, and before I knew it, I was distracted. I've gained about 5 lbs back in just a few days, and last night I put away at least a bottle of wine. So, am I back into my old patterns? I SURE HOPE NOT!!!

I pulled out my diary yesterday and started recording what I ate. But most of what I ate didn't have nutrition labels so I couldn't track it. I'm definitely going to have to do something QUICK! My answer to that was to stay home today and regroup. My son said I should be with my friends because I'd regret not spending as much time with as I can. And I may regret it. But, you know, I like being home. I like my home. I like being alone.

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